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things we hated as children: being spanked and naps
things we love as adults: being spanked and naps

Anonymous asked: I know entirely too much, it's the kind of knowledge that splits heads and makes children cry, causes governments to tumble and friendships to crumble, but what can not be explained through my insane insights is simply why. why the fuck am I here. and where did all these drugs come from. I know you feel the same.

Clean life is the good life!


One (1) Gifset Per Episode  Orange Is The New Black

Orientation (1x02)

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i needed this on my blog


"I want you to get me out. Read that manual. Unjam the door. Step the fuck up."


That’s the best way to kiss someone.


i finished orange is the new black and i dont know what to do with my life now

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this was part of a sentence from my diary and when i read it i wanted to cry so i thought then it must be good


I lost it at snoop loops

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